Tick Tock battle

Cuphead and Mugman battling Tick Tock.

Wally Warbles is the boss fought in the 2nd world boss, Aviary action. He is a bird-like boss inside a house.

Summary Edit


Tick Tock before battle

Before battle, Wally will act like a coo-coo-like clock, then come out of his house and screech. After he is beaten in his first phase, Warbles will fall from his house and a baby-like version of him will replace him.

Attacks Edit

1st Phase Edit

Egg Missile Edit

Wally Warbles will spit out a egg out of his mouth.

HandGun Edit

Wally Warble's head will transform into a hand with 3 fingers, then he will proceed to shoot three gigant darts in three diferent directions.

Helpers Edit


Tick Tock's little assistants

Wally Warbles will call his minions to help him, these little guys are harmful at contact, but can be easily defeated with only one shot.

Fear the Feather Edit

Wally Warbles will go out of control and throw A LOT of feathers to the player in different directions, after this attack, he will get tired for a short time, giving the player time to hurt Tick Tock.

2nd Phase Edit


Tick Tock's 2nd phase

Wally Jr. Wally Warbles Jr. will spawn 5 eggs around him to protect him, the eggs can hurt the player if touched.


  • Wally Warbles was first seen in the 2015 trailer.